American Vampire: The Long Road To Hell comic

by Rob Caprilozzi

DC Comics has provided us a synopsis of the new American Vampire: The Long Road To Hell comic.

Travis Kidd-the vampire hunter who likes to "bite them back"-makes his return in this new American Vampireone-shot! It's a story burned deep into the American psyche: two young lovers, a stolen car and the open road. But these young lovers are newly turned vampires trying to fight the bloodsucking urge inside them. To make matters worse, they've got a pack of angry vampires on their tails-plus bad-ass vamp-killer Travis Kidd. He's tracking the "Heartbreak Killers" across the heartland, but can he stop them before it all ends in tragedy? This one-shot special sets the stage for the American Vampire relaunch later this year!

64 pages

Coming in June.

Written by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque
Art by Rafael Albuquerque
Covers by Rafael Albuquerque and Tony Moore

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