American Horror Story Weekly Wrap Up – ‘Show Stoppers’

by Lynn Sorel

American Horror Story Weekly Wrap Up – ‘Show Stoppers’

By Lynn Sorel

Synopsis: Dandy gives the Twins troubling information about Chester. Maggie vows to prove her loyalty to Jimmy. The Freaks enforce their harsh code of justice. 

Our Thoughts: This week’s episode picks up with some good old’ revenge by the freaks! I think we were waiting a long time for that scene. However, before the final event, Stanley reveals to the troop Elsa’s involvement in Ethel’s death, leading them to plot revenge on her. 

Jimmy is in a terrible state after losing both hands and learning of his father’s death. Evan Peters gives one of his classic AHS performances, as a broken, tortured soul. More previous season tie ins come about in this episode, however this time a tie in to season three is revealed. Danny Huston, who plays The Axeman serial killer in ‘Coven’ returns this season, as Massimo Dolcefino, an old friend of Elsa’s and doctor she requested to make new hands for Jimmy. In telling his back story, we learn he was tortured by someone who appears to be a young Dr. Arthur Arden (Asylum), giving fans two previous season tie ins this episode.

Chester is spending a lot of time talking to himself again and plotting the murder of the twins. Dandy visits the twins and reveals Chester’s true identity to them. They decide to quit as Chester’s assistants at the last minute, which leads to a twist in the episode that I didn’t see coming. Just when you don’t think that he can get any crazier, Chester out does himself. 

There’s a few big twists by the end of the episode that left me shocked, as AHS so often does. This episode turned out to be one of my favorites this season, with an extraordinary amount of bloody bat shit crazy wonderment. I still have to wonder what the hell Dandy has planned in his sick and twisted little mind. I expect the season finale to top it, in full bloody glory. Until next week, freaks!

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