American Horror Story Weekly Wrap Up – “Edward Mordrake Part 2”

by Lynn Sorel

American Horror Story – Edward Mordrake Part 2
By Lynn Sorel


Synopsis: Edward Mordrake continues his search for a Freak to add to his ghostly coterie. Elsa tells the grisly story of her days in Germany. Jimmy and Maggie have a run-in with the Twisted Clown.

Our Thoughts: This week, the Edward Mordrake story continues, as he interrogates the rest of the freaks, one by one. The whole story with Mordrake visiting the freaks reminds me of some kind of twisted, tragic “Ghost of Christmas Past” come to make them relive the darkest point in their lives. Elsa’s reveals exactly how she lost her legs, in the most horrifying story of all the freaks.

The story lines start crossing over more when Jimmy and Maggie when they are taken captive by Dandy and Twisty. Jimmy leads the hostages to escape and Dandy is hilarious inept at recapturing them. Mordrake makes Twisty tell him his story, which turns out to be the most tragic of all. This season of American Horror is excruciatingly sad and I found myself crying through Twisty’s story.

The mood brightens a bit when the towns people come to thank Jimmy for saving their loved ones, believing he was the hero. However, that doesn’t last long, and Dandy finally makes his first killing.

American Horror Story topped itself with this year’s 2 part Halloween episode and I think it will go down as a fan favorite. I can’t wait to see what Stanley has up his sleeve, now that he’s arrived at the Freakshow. It looks like Dell will be causing more trouble too. I think Dandy is ultimately going to be even more terrifying than Twisty when he gets going because his heart is truly dark. I can’t wait to see him come into his own as a killer in the next few episodes. RIP Twisty, you were the scariest and most tragic clown, all at the same time. Until next week, Freaks!

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