AMC Releases Official Trailer for Upcoming Series ‘The Terror’

by Sean McLaughlin

The trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming horror series The Terror was just released by AMC, and it will certainly send chills up and down your spine.  The show portrays a fictionalized account of an actual 1845 expedition in the Arctic in which all 129 crew members and two large ships were lost forever.  The trailer can be seen below.

Scott will executive-produce The Terror, with incomparable Irish actor Jared Harris (From Within, TV’s Fringe) playing Francis Crozier.  Crozier was the captain of the Terror, one of the two ships that were never heard from again.   Fellow Irishman Ciarán Hinds will portray John Franklin, who led the expedition into the great unknown nearly 185 years ago.  The Terror and its counterpart, the Erebus, led an ill-fated journey to explore the Arctic which, more than likely, led to the deaths of all involved due to exposure to the extreme elements.  However, what if it was because of monsters?!  That’s the premise of AMC’s The Terror, and why the horror community can’t wait for it’s premiere.

The trailer gives us exciting and terror-filled glimpses of running, chasing and screaming, all taking place in the ice-filled landscape of inescapable beauty and doom.  As far as first looks go, this one passes the eyeball test for sure.  The shot of several frozen human heads poking out of the snow was enough to hook me in, no questions asked.

Enjoy the trailer, and then prepare for The Terror‘s first episode, titled “Go for Broke.”  The Terror will debut on AMC starting on March 26th, 2018.

Stay tuned to HNN for more details on this show as they are released!





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