AMC Celebrates Legacy Of ‘The Walking Dead’ With Poster

by Thomas Tuna

The gang’s all here.

The 11-season run of The Walking Dead on AMC came to end last weekend with the series finale, Rest in Peace. But, of course, several of the characters will carry on in various spinoffs next year, so that ending was hardly the last gasp for the series.

And, in that spirit, AMC this week unveiled a special poster that brings together all the major characters from the show in one image. Check out the poster on this page.

These characters include the short-lived Shane and Lori, as well as such standouts as Abraham, Negan and The Governor–and even such villains as Alpha, Beta and Pamela Milton. Fittingly, Rick Grimes takes a prominent place in the poster.

As for the series finale, chief content officer Scott M. Gimple described it as “the same–but different” from the ending of Robert Kirkman’s famed comic book series. “It took Kirkman’s really cool story, but in a different way with a different ending,” he said.

Gimple added that each survivor had to have his (or her) own ending. “All of them had endings,” he said. “It was full intensity–an open throttle. The series ended with a definitive conclusion for the show and for each individual character.”

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