AMC Announces Digital Spinoff For ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season Six

by Sean McLaughlin

While the final season of the horror series phenomenon The Walking Dead begins its initial descent this summer, other realms in the TWD universe are continuing to be explored.  AMC recently announced a digital spin-off series titled Dead in the Water, to coincide with the sixth season of original television spin-off Fear the Walking Dead.  And this time viewers are in for a setting yet to be portrayed…..the water.

The un-dead aquatic hijinks will find a group aboard a submarine when things start to go…..sideways (as they always do.)  “Cut off from the surface world just as the apocalypse hits, the submarine becomes a nuclear-fueled walker-filled death trap with no way out,” according to the network.  This is certainly a new and interesting angle to the apocalyptic wasteland that has yet to be touched, and surely has potential.  Producers such as Scott Gimple have waded in the limited series territory before with shorts such as “Passage” and “Flight 462”, also connected to Fear.  In season six, Morgan (Lennie James) has discovered a key to a beached submarine with an ominous message on it, washed ashore in Texas.  Now, it appears that we’ll find out what happened within that vessel when everything went to hell.

Dead in the Water will be produced by The Content Room’s AMCN Digital Originals, and no details regarding a release schedule have yet been announced.

Stay tuned to HNN for news on Dead in the Water and all things The Walking Dead as they break!

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