Amazon Studios’ Blackburn Burrow Issue 3 now available

by Rob Caprilozzi

Today, Amazon Studios released the third installment of their digital comic book, Blackburn Burrow, a story set in Civil War America where supernatural horrors are infesting a small Appalachian town in Northern Georgia. Blackburn Burrow is produced by 12 Gauge Comics, which teamed with renowned comics writer Ron Marz and veteran illustrator Matthew Dow Smith to shape the story and look of the comic. Mister, a loner who’s no stranger to supernatural threats, has teamed up with a young woman named Merrin to find a detachment of Union soldiers and townsfolk missing from the town of Blackburn Burrow. Their search leads them deep inside a nearby mine, where they battle undead creatures and ancient forces, and must face the truth about Mister’s tortured past and the madman at the heart of it all – Mister’s own father. 

Check out the Amazon Studios' Blackburn Burrow Issue 3 now available.

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