All Four ‘Psycho’ Films Get 4K Treatment This September

by Thomas Tuna

Time to hit the shower!

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s many masterpieces–1960’s Psycho–has received a 4K restoration, along with the three films born of the genius of the first feature, thanks to Arrow Video.

The Psycho 4K collection–including Psycho II, Psycho II and Psycho IV: The Beginning–will be available Sept. 25 for $70.

The films have 4K restorations from their original camera negatives, and Psycho II and III feature audio commentaries from film critics Michael Brooke and Johnny Mains. All the films also come with double-sized posters, including original and new artwork from Matt Giffen.

To top off all this, nine postcard-sized art cards and a 120-page collector’s book–which contains new essays from Mains and film critic John-Paul Checkett–are also included.

Hitchcock’s Psycho–the film that started it all–was written by Joseph Stefano and was based on the 1959 novel by Robert Bloch. The story–as all horror (and cinema) fans know–centers around an encounter between on-the-run embezzler Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) and motel owner Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins). And the scariest shower scene in film history.

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