‘Alien’ Collectible Statue Brings The Horror Classic To Life

by Thomas Tuna

If you’re a fan of Alien who has a high ceiling in your living room or den–and if you have several thousand dollars to burn–this incredible offering from the Big Bad Toy Store is a must-see.

Those among you who are rabid fans of the wonderfully horrific Alien (and all its sequels) will flip out over the eight-foot-tall Xenomorph statue that looks like it just walked out of Ridley Scott’s 1979 blockbuster, as reported by MovieWeb.com.

The downside? The monstrous statue, available from the Big Bad Toy Store, will cost you a lot more than a movie ticket to see the original film more than 40 years ago. A whole lot more.

How does $8,000 sound to you? With a non-refundable deposit of $1,600. Better hurry, though. The enormous collectible has a limited run of just 150.

The company is justifiably proud of the statue, saying the “Big Chap” is of “museum quality”. And the images they released lend some truth to their words.

The Big Bad Toy Store said in a product description that the statue is based on the H.R. Giger design of the film’s frightening creature.

“Hollywood Collectibles Group presents the life-sized Big Chap,” the company said. “Standing about eight feet tall, Big Chap has been constructed from fiberglass and mixed media, and stands atop an ‘Alien’-themed display base.”

The company added that the big guy was recreated by a special-effects professional with “meticulous attention to detail.” To ensure authenticity, the major components of the body “can trace their legacy back to the molds used to create the original movie costume.”

As horror and science-fiction know all too well, the frightful, murderous creature was a focal point of Alien, as it battled Sigourney Weaver’s intrepid Ellen Ripley. And those battles contributed to the enormous success of the film series. To date, the franchise’s eight entries have grossed more than $1.6 billion worldwide.

The future of the franchise is unclear at the moment, but hints have been dropped of a live-action television show.

Keep reading Horror News Network for any updates on potential Alien projects on the horizon.

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