‘Alien’ Board Game Promises Summer Fun For Horror Fans

by Thomas Tuna

You’ve marveled at the incredible action and suspense splashed across the big screen in the iconic Alien film–now it’s time to play it.

Ravensburger is preparing to roll out AlienFate of the Nostromo–a board game that allows players to immerse themselves in the familiar horror-s/f narrative–as reported by comicbook.com. Images of the game–scheduled to hit store shelves Aug. 1–may be seen on this page.

Designer Scott Rogers explained the thinking behind the game in a recent interview. “The goal,” he said, “is to play the movie. I wanted to make sure that the thrills and tension that are so amazing in the film were represented and given justice in the game.”

The game, Rogers added, tries to “create those moments of tension as you are hustling through the Nostromo to get the heck out of there as this murderous creature is wandering the halls.”

The true horror of the Xenomorph in the classic film and in this new game, according to Rogers, is “the unpredictability of it. You never know where it’s going to show up. It’s always going to be a surprise.”

The game, as explained, is a “collaborative, strategy-based experience”  for one to five players who act as various Nostromo crew members, “each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.” But one character not in the mix is the android Ash, “who serves as an added threat to the completion of the mission.”

Ash, Rogers explained, is essentially “a second bad guy that roams the board. He does what he does in the movie. He’s actively working against everybody else.”

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Image Credit: 20th Century Studios/Ravensburger/io9

Image Credit: 20th Century Studios/Ravensburger/io9

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