‘Alien: Blackout’ Announced For Mobile Devices

by Sean McLaughlin

Following up on our coverage of the big Alien franchise announcement from earlier this week, apparently the best was yet to come.  After two rather cryptic (but cool!) tweets hinted at a new project about to be unleashed featuring Amanda Ripley, the speculation regarding the media format was running wild.  But now we know that gamers everywhere have reason to celebrate……Alien: Blackout has been officially unleashed.

The Alien Twitter account (@alienanthology) has been busy in the early part of this week.  On Monday they posted teasers for the upcoming open-world video game Alien: Blackout for mobile devices, a highly-anticipated follow-up to the moderately successful venture Alien: Isolation (2014).  Whether this is a direct sequel is still not entirely clear, but with Amanda Ripley being the star once again this is a logical conclusion.  For fans who were left hanging following the non-specific tweets from this weekend, however, the update (below) was a very welcome response.

And more importantly, we can now say that the “PLAY” tag line being thrown around in that hashtag was not just a smoke screen.  As an added bonus, we are left with yet another cryptic tweet hinting at even more surprises for Alien fanatics:


Alien: Blackout will be released everywhere on January 24th, and is now available for pre-order.   Both the App Store as well as Google Play will gladly take your money right now to guarantee a copy as soon as it becomes available.   It’s understandable for certain fans and gamers to feel perplexed as to the mobile device-only format, but the promise of new content should always be welcomed.  We look forward to this game, but the promise of even more projects on the horizon should be music to all devotees of the Alien franchise!


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