Alex Garland to Write and Produce Tech Murder Mystery Series Starring Sonoya Mizuno for FX

by John Evans

Alex Garland- the visionary writer/director behind such films as Ex Machina and Annihilation– is set to focus his attention on the small screen for an upcoming technological thriller project with FX.

Variety reports that FX has officially ordered an 8 episode run of Devs, a murder mystery which takes places within a nefarious big tech company. According to their report, the television series, “follows a young computer engineer, Lily Chan, as she investigates the secretive development division of her employer, a cutting-edge tech company based in San Francisco, whom she believes are behind the murder of her boyfriend.”

Lily Chan will be played by frequent Alex Garland collaborator, Sonoya Mizuno. While she was prominently featured in Ex Machina as Kyoko, her background in dance made her a perfect fit to perform the motion capture work for the humanoid creature at the end of Annihilation. Fans of more mainstream productions may recognize Mizuno from her brief-but-wonderful role in La La Land  and the upcoming comedy, Crazy Rich Asians.

Alex Garland is set to write and executive produce Devs according to FX’s official press statement, but IMDb currently has him listed as directing at least one episode of the series, which is likely given his level of expertise in the field.

Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation will star in Devs as Forest, the CEO of Amaya, the shady tech company of the series. The series will also feature Jin Ha, Zach Grenier, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Cailee Spaeny, and Allison Pill.

There is currently no premiere date set for Devs, but Horror News Network will bring you all of the details on this exciting new project as soon as they break!



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