Alan Robert’s The Shunned One Movie Announced

by Christine Caprilozzi

The Coalition Group, along with Wasted Talent Entertainment, have joined forces to produce “The Shunned One.” Jack Reher (“Grizzly” and “Corrosion”) has scripted the screenplay based on Alan Roberts upcoming comic to be published by IDW. The writer-artist of the Horror Comic Award winning “Killogy” and “Crawl to Me” comics will release “The Shunned One” in early 2015. Robert and his Wasted Talent Entertainment label(which includes Chris White and Jeff Mazzola) will co-produce alongside the Coalition Group.


“The Shunned One” centers on an angel of death who goes rogue after refusing to take innocent human lives. His actions alter balance in the universe, causing a chain reaction of unforeseen disasters,” according to a synopsis. As a result, a pack of vengeful death angels are sent down to hunt him. He must hide amongst the humans while trying to undo the damage he’s done.

“To watch this thing take shape as a film, even before the comic is released, is pretty amazing,” Robert said. “I think what interests people most about the property is that it isn’t a typical, Biblical take on angels, whatsoever. It’s a whole new mythology. You’ve never seen angels like this anywhere before.”


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