‘AHS: Hotel’ Weekly Wrap Up – “Mommy”

by Lynn Sorel

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Weekly Wrap Up – “Mommy”

By Lynn Sorel



Synopsis: Alex is pushed to her breaking point after Scarlett stirs up memories of Holden. Donovan is targeted by a dangerous rival of The Countess. 

Our Thoughts: Tonight begins with Tristan talking with March about how he “googled” him, which was hilarious. The new hotel owner, Will Drake, tries to throw Tristan out, while March is upset about any changes he make make to the hotel. 

Alex talks more about her life and her struggles with the loss of her son.  Scarlett is still insistent that she saw her brother.

The serial killer strikes again. This time killing those at a tabloid. He punished them for spreading lies in a most appropriate way. John realizes the pattern more explicitly now and is becoming obsessed with the case.

We learn more about the relationship between Donovan and his mother Iris, and it’s incredibly sad. Having no reason to stay at the hotel, he goes out on his own. However, Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) has other plans for him. 

John begins to realize that things in the hotel aren’t exactly “real”. His mental state is really suffering and he loses it when Alex serves him with divorce papers. On her way out of the hotel, she runs into a few ghosts, along with her missing son. 

The Countess stops Tristan when he is about to kill Will Drake. Later she tells him about how she lost all her money and her plans to marry Will Drake and take all of his.

Ramona ties down Donovan to clean his blood of addict’s blood he bad been drinking. She tells him the story of her life as a b-movie actress and how she met The Countess, what she did to her life and her plan for revenge.

Sally kills Iris for her like she asks, however Donovan shows up and saves her, now saying she is all he has. 

Tonight’s episode had a lot of twists and turns and we learned a lot about a lot of characters. The Countess is fascinating. The more we learn about her, the less we really know. Her secrets seem endless. I’m excited to learn more about the other people in the hotel, such as Liz Taylor and others. See you next week, for “Devil’s Night”.

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