Afterlife With Archie in September

by Rob Caprilozzi

From Archie Comics.

New Ongoing Series! "Escape From Riverdale." This is how the end of the world begins! Aguirre-Sacasa and Francavilla take Archie and the gang where they've never been before — to the grave and back! A horrific accident sets off a series of grim events and Sabrina the Teenage Witch must try to repair the unspeakable evil her spell has unleashed. Gasp in horror as Riverdale faces an impending zombie Arch-pocalypse in this brand-new, spine-tingling ongoing series — but be warned, kiddies, this one's not for the faint of heart

Written by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa with art by Francesco Francavilla and Jack Morelli and covers by Francesco Francavilla.


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