Action Figure Of Matt Hooper From ‘Jaws’ Is On The Way

by Thomas Tuna

“I won’t have to put up with this abuse much longer.”

That’s what oceanographer Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) moaned when Quint was giving him a hard time aboard the Orca in Steven Spielberg’s classic 1975 Jaws.  And that could also apply to the character not earning an action figure, as both Quint and Martin Brody have–even though the Brody figure was cancelled due to a licensing conflict.

Well, that oversight has been corrected, thanks to the folks at NECA. A Twitter post this week teased a Hooper figure, as reported by, with a photo of a sizable array of head sculpts in Hooper’s likeness.

The truly realistic sculptures–which would appear to be prototypes of an eight-inch NECA action figure of Hooper–include the character with and without his trademark hat and eyeglasses. Check out the photo of the sculpts on this page.

In Jaws, Hooper was a young shark expert recruited by Chief Brody to help track down a great killer white terrorizing Amity Island. He proved to be invaluable during the tense second half of the iconic horror film, displaying maritime skills and scientific expertise. As Quint himself said to Brody, “Hooper drives the boat, chief.”

With rumors circulating about an upcoming NECA figure of Bruce the shark, keep reading Horror News Network for the latest on this line of collectibles.


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