A24 Acquires ‘Talk To Me’ After Recent Sundance Premiere

by Thomas Tuna

Seances can be fun. Really?

A24 has picked up the rights to supernatural horror pic Talk To Me after the film debuted at Sundance last weekend, according to a report in Variety. A theatrical release is being planned, but no date has been finalized.

The feature–directed by twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou from a screenplay by Danny and Bill Hinzman–has Kristina Ceyton and Samantha Jennings of Causeway Films (The Babadook) on board as producers.

In Talk To Me, the newest party game craze seems to be conjuring up spirits, and teenager Mia (Sophia Wilde) is “looking for a distraction on the anniversary of her mother’s death,” according to the synopsis, “and wants to get a piece of the otherworldly action.”

So, she and her friends gather for a seance with a “mysterious, embalmed hand that promises a direct line to the spirits. But they’re unprepared for the consequences of bending the rules through prolonged contact.”

And, as the boundaries between worlds collapse, “disturbing supernatural visions haunt Mia, and she rushes to undo the horrific damage before it’s irreversible.”

Talk To Me also stars Joe Bird (Rabbit), Alexandra Jensen (Frayed), Otis Dhanji (Aquaman) and Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings film franchise).

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