A Voice In the Dark #1 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Publisher: Top Cow
Creator: Larime Taylor

Synopsis: It’s been 72 days since Zoey killed someone. With her recent move to college, Zoey is eager to start a fresh chapter of her life — one where she can control her dark urges the way she has before. But when she becomes the host of a late-night campus radio show, Zoey must consider if she has given a voice to something far more troubled than her anonymous callers.

Our Thoughts: Every so often a comic comes across our radar that makes us stop and take notice. This time that comic happened to be A Voice in the Dark by Larime Taylor.

In A Voice In the Dark, we are introduced to a young woman name Zoey who just happened to have killed someone a few months back. We learn about her character including why she commited this crime. Shortly thereafter we are introduced to these strange visions that bother Zoey from time to time. The character building and pacing in the story are excellent.

In addition to stellar storytelling the art is well represented. In my option the art in this book is better than 80% of what you see on stands today. Even better, the book is not colored which helps the artwork stand out even more.

What is even more astonishing than the story is the creator, Larime Taylor. He was born with Arthrogryposis, a birth defect that leaves him with his joints in locked positions and little-to-no use of his arms and legs. He is wheelchair-bound and does the entire book, from script to finished, lettered pages, at the rate of 1-2 finished pages a day, with his mouth.

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