A Haunted House Released Today

by Rob Caprilozzi

A Haunted House was released today on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and UltraViolet from Universal Home Entertainment.

Here is the official release below:

In the hilariously haunting film, A Haunted House, Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and his girlfriend, Kisha (Essence Atkins) move into their dream home but soon discover they’re sharing their home with the worst kind of housemate, an angry ghost. To get their home back from the unwanted guest, Malcolm enlists the help of a former prison inmate-turned-eccentric priest, a psychic, and a team of modern-day Ghostbusters, that end up crowding the home instead of driving off the ghost. While an angry ghost seems like a terrible roommate, there have been far worse living situations. So take a look at some horrible human and not-so-human roommates in past films, and be sure and check out A Haunted House available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and UltraViolet™ April 23rd to really see how these roommates compare to the houseguest at Malcolm’s.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Step Brothers – Playing like they’re eight years old when really at least 45, Brennan and Dale still live at home with their soon-to-be-retired parents. They share bunk beds made for boys under 5’ tall, and sleep walk. And lets not forget Dale’s rules about his drum set…

Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas in Bridesmaids – Rebel teams up with Matt as the clueless, but insane roommates to Annie (Kristen Wiig). The insanity that Annie experienced included but was not limited to: 1) Having to witness an awful tattoo on Brynn’s (Rebel) torso that she got for free and 2) Having to watch Gil (Matt) lend a hand by shaving Bryn’s underarms with her razor…in her bath tub.

Chucky in Child’s Play – It almost seems outright cruel to demonize a child’s favorite doll, and yet the character of Chucky does exactly that; terrorizing households from 1988-?
Nothing is more frightful than your favorite doll suddenly coming to life to end yours.

Rhys Ifan in Notting Hill – There are some things that can be excused or at least tolerated when done by someone with a British accent, unless your roommate happens to be Spike. Mistaking a bowl of mayonnaise for yogurt, not to mention blabbing to the press about your very personal love life, this is where Hugh Grant’s character should’ve drawn the line.

Be careful about whom you choose to cohabitate with and pick up A Haunted House on Blu-ray, DVD and UltraViolet™ today!

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