A&E’s ‘Cursed: The Bell Witch’ Premieres Monday Oct 26

by Lynn Sorel

A&E’s ‘Cursed: The Bell Witch’ is premiering next week. It follows a direct descendant of one of the most infamous ghost stories in America and served as inspiration for the film ‘The Blair Witch Project’. You can view the trailer below and watch more clips on A&E’s website.

John Ceallach is a direct descendant of Tennessee land owner John Bell, who, legend has it, had a child out of wedlock with a local witch named Kate Batts in the early 1800s. To cover his tracks, it is believed he murdered her and in turn she cursed his family bloodline from her grave; the first-born male of each generation would either be driven insane or suffer a mysterious, untimely death.

Since then, five Bell men are reported to have suffered this fate and today, Ceallach finds that his 14-year-old boy could be next in line. Ceallach and his friend Chad embark on a hunt to unbury the origin of the curse and break its spell before it reaches his only son.

‘Cursed: The Bell Witch’ premieres Monday, October 26 at 10/9c on A&E.

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