7 Problems with The Walking Dead Season 3

by Larry Dwyer

By: Larry Dwyer


Okay guys, earlier this week, Christine wrote an article discussing some of the highlights of season three of The Walking Dead. It got me thinking about things that bugged me about this season…and I came up with a list. Now, I want you to know that I adore this show; no horror television show has made me this happy since “Tales from the Darkside”. But as with any good thing, there are problems and here are mine:



Oh, Andrea. First you ditch Michonne after she saves your life and keeps you alive for God knows how long and then you fall for the creepy guy with the room full of zombie heads. BUT…when you finally realize that this guy is a nut and you have your chance to kill him, you let it slip. And maybe that nice pedicure prevented her from picking up those pliers in the finale too. I have to say, I’m kind of glad zombie Milton took you out.

Rick & Ghost Lori:

This angle got old real fast. Rick didn’t even seem to like Lori at all and then all of a sudden loses his mind when she dies? C’mon…Carl had to put a bullet in his mom and even though he’s acting like a mini-Governor lately, he didn’t go crazy wandering around looking for her and muttering about “stuff and thangs”.

Carol’s hair:

Herschel has managed to grow a fucking Santa Claus beard by now but your hair has grown maybe a half an inch? Did Shane give her the clippers after he killed Otis last season? I just can’t seem to figure out why her hair won’t grow. It’s like the lawns they pass in their world…this thing’s been going on for a while now..grass should be chest high, right?

Hershel :

I’m a big Hershel fan actually. I’ve liked him a lot since season 2’s “Nebraska” episode. But can someone please tell me how he manages to survive invading zombies while hopping around on one leg? And really…whose idea was it to take him to the meeting with the Governor? Did Rick feel like he might be able to play the sympathy card? “Oh look, they have an old guy with one leg, let’s just leave them alone.” Yeah, right.

Invisible Baby Judith

Have they even shown this kid more than four times? I mean, I know that they used the baby to melt girl’s hearts everywhere by having Daryl hold her but other than that, where is this kid? You’d think that having a newborn in a dusty prison during a zombie apocalypse might cause some issues but apparently not. Kind of weird, right?


This is a heated one because a lot of people think that Carl is completely right with his actions of late, including killing the kid who was surrendering in the finale. I think that my friend Colin Reilly pretty much nailed it on the head when he said, “Lori probably cheated on Rick with Shane before the apocalypse and made baby Carl”. The way he’s acting, it makes perfect sense. If you want my opinion, that kid needs a good spanking.

The Finale

Where to begin? A good portion of this season was spent building toward the final battle between the prison and Woodbury. The Governor, his soldiers and countless armed Woodbury residents storm the prison with military assault vehicles and gain entrance to the inside of the prison. They’re all then chased away by two people and the battle is over before it began. What the fuck just happened? Seriously? The Governor seemed pretty unhappy with his people as he then killed all of them leaving just him and two soldiers to drive away. Where the hell are they going? Not back to Woodbury which is now empty because Rick decided to take all of the old people back to the prison…yeah, solid plan.


I’ll say it again, I love this show and I’m not really trying to knock it. Okay, maybe I’m knocking it a little but it’s all in good fun. Anyway, let me know what you think. Is there anything that annoyed you about this season that I didn’t touch on?


Stay gory, my friends.



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