’68: Homefront in September

by Brian Uhe

From Image Comics.

In 1968, the horrors of the Vietnam war invaded every American living room. On February 13th of that year, a new war began, bringing horror…and hunger home to stay. ’68: HOMEFRONT returns the series to the American heartland and the small, sleepy town of Harbinger, Pennsylvania (home of the Heralds) in the first two-issue story arc, “’68: PEECE AND LOVE.” Fresh accident victims sit up on morticians’ slabs, a busload of visiting athletes rises from wet red asphalt to become an army of the damned, and Jenny Love — homecoming queen, cheerleader, and girl next door — prepares to reveal her deepest secret to the world. A secret in the form of leather-clad town bad boy, Johnny Love. 

Written by Mark Kidwell and art by Kyle Charles and Jay Fotos with covers by Nat Jones, Jay Fotos and Mark Kidwell.

Expected to arrive on September 10.


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