4-Movie Horror Pack Being Released On July 1st

by CTbrthrhd


The Ted Bundy Story
As an aspiring crime writer, Ann Rule (Barbara Hershey) volunteered alongside a charismatic, good-looking man at a crisis hotline while covering a string of grisly, unsolved murders. What Ann needed was an angle. What she got was the shock of a lifetime when she discovered the man beside her—Ted Bundy—was responsible for the crimes.

The Elizabeth Smart Story
You remember the shocking headlines. The tired faces of Ed and Lois Smart on TV, pleading for the return of their fourteen-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. Now, with never-before-revealed details, comes the true story of an ordinary family forced to endure their worst nightmare.

It’s 1966 and Richard Speck can no longer suppress his urge to kill. The troubled and ruthlessly violent man breaks into a Chicago dormitory for nursing students. But the mass murderer’ s vicious reign is about to come to an end…if one girl can outlast his terror.

Long Island Lolita: The Amy Fisher Story
Amy Fisher (Drew Barrymore) first met Joey Buttafuoco when she was just sixteen years old. When she started to become obsessed with replacing Joey’s wife, their fling turned dangerous and Amy set off a firestorm of media in one of the most infamous cases of infidelity in history.



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