’30 Days of Night’ Issue #2: The Horror News Network Review

by Christine Caprilozzi

This week sees the second issue drop for the reboot of Steve Niles’ horror comic classic, 30 Days of Night.  While many fans, including myself, weren’t quite sure what to expect from what IDW Publishing describes as a “reimagining” of the title that led to a major motion picture, as well as put Niles firmly on the map.

Without spoilers, I will just say Eben’s role changes in this version quite a bit.  Niles story telling flows with the right amount of banter and action sequences.  30 Days of Night #2 starts to really get into the heart of what readers can expect and about the creatures that are soon to befall the small Alaskan town once the sun goes down.

Piotr Kowalski and Brad Simpson are on board for the series artwork.  The visuals do a decent job a complementing the story.  Simpson’s use of moody tones paints a brooding picture, which complements Niles’ narrative. Also worth noting are the two variant covers by Ben Templesmith and Gabriel Rodriguez.  My pick for this is issue’s cover would be Rodriguez’s bloody faced vampire. This cover clearly means business and will win the hearts of horror fans.

Whether you are familiar with Niles’ original series or not, 30 Days of Night is a comic that horror comic fans should be reading.  Issue two of 30 Days of Night sets up for a gory roller coaster ride that promises to distinguish this series from the original. To jump on and see where this ride takes you, grab this issue at your local comic shop on January 24th.


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