25 Movies To Get You Through The Quarantine

by Larry Dwyer

Alright folks, it seems that we got a situation going on outside and the only way to get through it is to hunker down at home and watch more horror movies. Well, at Horror News Network, we’re here to help! Below I’ve listed out 25 favorites from the past 5 years, at 5 per year. I’ve included a few notes on each, plus the trailer, plus where it can be found (I’m assuming most readers have some streaming memberships like Prime, Shudder, Netflix, etc.).

Some of these maybe you’ve seen already…or maybe you’ve seen all of them? If so, we recommend you put together your own list and share it on social media – let’s get a bunch of suggestion out there for those who are bored at home and looking for some new goriness to get them through. Remember to tag us (@HorrorNews) so we can check out your #QuarantineMovieList. Happy watching (and washing) and stay safe!


Daniel Isn’t Real – Rent on Amazon
Based on the 2009 novel ‘In This Way I Was Saved’ by Brian DeLeeuw (who also penned the screenplay along with director Adam Egypt Mortimer), Daniel is a tale about a boy named Luke who witnesses a mass shooting one day and meets a new friend named Daniel on the same day. Daniel is everything and every way that Luke wants to be, but Daniel eventually goes away after he convinces Luke to drug his mom to near overdose. As you may guess from the title…spoiler alert…Daniel isn’t real.

Midsommar – Free with Amazon Prime
Ari Aster first opened everyone’s eyes with last year’s Hereditary and now his sophomore effort, Midsommar, has everyone saying he’s a genius – and rightly so. While some were turned off by the film’s long run-time of two and a half hours, others ran out to see the additional twenty-three minutes in the director’s cut. While I’ve yet to see the longer version, the one I did see is incredible and worthy of any “best of” list.

The Lighthouse – Rent on Amazon
Umm…when did Cedric Diggory/Edward Cullen become a great actor? Did I miss something? I mean, we all knew that Willem Dafoe was crazy-brilliant but Robert Pattinson? Granted, I haven’t seen him in anything other than what I already mentioned but his performance as Ephraim really blew me away. The Lighthouse is cold and dark and damned awesome – give it a whirl.

One Cut of the Dead – Available on Shudder
I received a screener of One Cut of the Dead early this year and vividly remember watching it on my desktop computer in my home office – the emotions that this film evoked were incredible. PLEASE do not let anyone spoil this for you as it contains mucho surprises that all come together to pay off so well in the end. Tons of heart in this film.

Tigers Are Not Afraid – Available on Shudder
Drug wars and magic. Mexico is a dangerous place and writer/director Issa Lopez is not afraid to cast a spotlight on the effect that it has on the children of the country. This film has been talked up by Guillermo del Toro for quite some time and it’s easy to see why he loves it; Lopez’s passion and creativity shines through the darkness of the subject matter.


Mandy – Available on Shudder

Let me start by saying I don’t usually dig on Nicolas Cage and his particular brand of overacting but holy shit, what an insanely gory, wild ride this film is. Some say that it is too long and could have used heavier editing but I say nay, this movie is damn-near perfect. Cage is fittingly crazy, Linus Roache as cult-leader Jeremiah Sand is amazingly creepy and the score by the late Johann Johannsson is perfection.

A Quiet Place – Free with Amazon Prime

There’s always a lot of shade thrown at sort of “big-budget/wide-release” horror films and while I tend to agree that most of them are shit, there’s usually at least one or two a year that hit the marks that we look for as horror fans. While A Quiet Place was never very clever and it definitely had some plot holes, it more than made up for it in overall unnerving creepiness.

Terrified – Available on Shudder

Terrified won “Best Horror Film” at Fantastic Fest. Well, no shit. Terrified lives up to it’s name and is easily the scariest film I’ve seen this year and possibly in several years. My one minor gripe is a bit too much CGI but in no way does it lessen the experience. Go ahead and watch this alone in a dark basement at night like I did.

Mon Mon Mon MONSTERS – Available on Shudder

Awesome little gem out of Taiwan about a bullied teen joining up with his former bullies to torture a monster. Humans are the worst.

Cold Hell – Available on Shudder

And just when I thought Revenge had the most awesome heroine of the year, I watched Cold Hell. Holy shit. Violetta Schurawlow plays Özge, a woman who becomes the target of a vicious serial killer…sucks to be him.


Anna and the Apocalypse – Free with Amazon Prime
Here’s a secret: I actually dig musicals and this is a zombie musical so win/win for me. Plus it’s got a ton of heart and is done really well.

The Void – Available on Shudder
This was a “love it or hate it” film for a lot of people and I fell into the “love it” category. Very Lovecraftian with awesome practical effects.

Raw – Rent on Amazon
A wonderful film about a girl coming to terms with who she is. Plus cannibalism. Bonus.


The Lure – Rent on Amazon
Such a weird movie! I’m still not sure why I love it but I just can’t get away from it. Mermaids that join a disco band in 80’s Poland. Put this on your “need to see” list and blame me later.

The Transfiguration – Free on Shudder
Probably my favorite film of the year. I love different takes on the vampire genre (see 2011’s Midnight Son or of course, Let the Right One In). The Transfiguration is more Martin than Dracula and is such a hauntingly beautiful piece of cinema that I dare you to hate it.


Green Room – Rent on Amazon

Coming off of 2013’s Blue Ruin, Jeremy Saulnier had high expectations to meet and he knocked it out of the park. Minor Threat shirts and Dead Kennedy’s songs in full effect.

The Wailing – Free on Shudder

One of two gems to come out of South Korea this year. The film centers on a policeman who investigates a series of mysterious killings and illnesses in a remote Korean hamlet called Gokseong in order to save his daughter.

The Girl with All the Gifts – Rent on Amazon

One of the smartest “zombie” films I’ve ever seen.

The Greasy Strangler – Free with Amazon Prime

Oh man, do I love this movie. Greasy is so over-the-top bonkers that I fell in love with it from first watch.

Train to Busan – Free on Shudder

Another brilliant zombie film. Every time you think the zombie genre is dead…here comes another winner.


Goodnight Mommy  – Rent on Amazon

This was my pick for top film of 2015. This German film is very dark and depressing but really kept me wanting more and it delivered at the close.

The Witch – Rent on Amazon

Period films are awesome. Especially ones with black goats named Phillip.

Deathgasm – Free with Amazon Prime

Do you like metal? How about gore? If you said yes, you’re in for a treat. A couple of metalheads form a band called Deathgasm and they come across some sheet music that, when played, summons a demon. ‘Nuff said.

The Visit – Rent on Amazon

M. Night Shyamalan is back in the mix with this fun “found footage” style film where a brother and sister’s first visit with their elderly grandparents isn’t all that it seems to be.

We Are Still Here – Free with Amazon Prime

Every 30 years, a lonely old house in the fields of New England wakes up and demands a sacrifice. Plus, Barabra Crampton.


Alright folks – hopefully there are some films on this list that will help you forget about about the craziness for a while and remember that us sick fucks need to really stick together. Don’t forget to put together your own list and send it out there on social media – tagging @HorrorNews and use the hashtag #QuarantineMovieList.


Stay gory!

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