24-Hour “Holliston” Marathon in Honor of Dave Brockie

by Larry Dwyer

Beginning at 6am on Wednesday March 26th, FEARnet will be airing a 24-hour marathon of Adam Green’s horror/comedy show “Holliston” to honor the passing of one of the shows stars, David Brockie.


Brockie, known to the world as Oderus Urungus, was the vocalist and founding member of the band GWAR and played Adam’s imaginary friend on the FEARnet show “Holliston”; Oderus took his leave of this world Monday, March 23rd.


Adam took to Facebook to honor his friend:

“Thank you to every fan that has reached out with condolences in these early morning hours. I am at ArieScope with Joe and Laura now as we struggle through the night to try and accept that our dear friend is gone. Oderus Urungus has left planet earth to go home to Scumdoggia, and even more devastating, he has taken my brother Dave Brockie with him. I’ll try and put proper words together when I can, but for now I just wanted to thank every member of the HOLLISTON NATION for your love and for sending your thoughts and prayers to the Brockie family, the GWAR family, and everyone else who was lucky enough to know Dave in this life. I am heartbroken.”


Tune in this Wednesday to watch and honor the man we lost.


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