Aliens: Defiance #3 Early Review

by Nick Banks

Aliens: Defiance #3 Early Review

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Ricardo Burchielli
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: August 17th , 2016
Rating: 7 out of 10

Synopsis: Davis One and Hendricks face off against the rest of the android crew as the Weyland-Yutani corporation attempts to regain control of the mission.

Our thoughts: An artist switch in the middle of a series is a pet peeve of many comic book readers.  Most fans will begrudgingly accept changes to their favorite writer/artist team on an on-going title at the start of an new arc, but switching artists mid-storyline often changes the dynamic and tone of an already established “look and feel” of a comic book.  Tristan Jones’ extremely detailed style is replaced this issue with the talented, but more realistic style of Wood’s frequent DMZ collaborator Ricardo Burchielli.

This is not to say that the issue or storyline suffers to a great degree, but it is noticeable, especially with close-up scenes featuring Hendricks and Davis One.  Burchielli does a fine job of adding detail to the long shots of corridors and the eventual fire fight that takes place between our heroes and the reprogrammed droids and theses scenes retain the same look of the vessel originally established by Jones in issue one.  It is when the “camera goes in for a close-up”, Burchielle’s art lacks some of the small details that Jones provided for both the human and inhuman characters.  The highlight in this issue is Wood’s excellent scripting and way that he subtly establishes the trust and admiration between Hendricks and Davis One.

Tristan Jones is scheduled to return to the title for issue five, and this break may be a symptom of a young artist transitioning from cover work to 24 pages a month.  In any case, hopefully the artist will remain constant for the duration of the next story arc.

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