Graveyard Shift #4 Preview

Image Comics has provided us a preview of the new Graveyard Shift comic.

Miniseries Conclusion!

Liam and Hope launch an assault on Cromeyer’s lair, hoping to defeat the vampire overlord and find a cure for Hope’s condition.

32 pages
April 1

Written by Jay Faerber
Art by Fran Bueno







Nailbiter #11 Preview

Image Comics has provided us a preview of the new Nailbiter comic.

New Story Arc.

Does the Nailbiter know why sixteen of the world’s worst serial killers all came from the same small town? Does he know the truth? Find out as the Nailbiter…confesses!

32 pages
April 1

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Mike Henderson
Covers by Mike Henderson, Dustin Nguyen and Riley Rossmo







Dead@17: The Blasphemy Throne #7 Preview

Image Comics has provided us a preview of the new Dead@17: The Blasphemy Throne comic.

The final issue!

This is it. With the seventh issue of the seventh series, Dead@17 reaches its grand conclusion. Every fight, every battle, every life, every death, every blood soaked moment has been leading to this one unforgettable ending.

32 pages
April 1

Written and art by Josh Howard






Epic New ‘Mad Max’ Trailer Released

The newest ‘Mad Max’ trailer offers more story to go along with its amazing visuals and over-the-top stunts. The reboot, directed by George Miller, is the first new film of the series in thirty years.  Tom Hardy stars as Max Rockatansky, who teams up with Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, while running from Immortan Joe, played by Hug Keays-Byrne, and his gang, across the Wasteland.  The film is produced by The Warners/Village Roadshow and Kennedy Miller Mitchell Productions.  It opens in theaters worldwide May 15.  read more

Stephen Dorff Cast In ‘Leatherface’

Deadline exclusively reported today that Stephen Dorff (Blade, Public Enemies) is cast in the lead role of Texas Ranger Hal Hartman in the upcoming ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ prequel “Leatherface’ from Millennium Films. The story will center around the violent teenager who eventually becomes Leatherface.  He is pursued by a revenge seeking lawmen, who is equally disturbed, after escaping a mental hospital with a group of inmates and kidnapping a nurse.  Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are directing the film, which is scripted by Seth M. Sherwood. Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman and Carl Mazzocone, who produced the 2013 ‘ The Texas Chainsaw Masssacre’ film, are producing the film, along with Les Weldon.  It is being executive produced by Millennium’s Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, Boaz Davidson, John Thompson, Mark Gill and Beth Bruckner O’Brien. read more

‘Poltergeist’ Double Feature Coming To DVD & Blu-ray On May 19th



JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson, Julian Beck, Oliver Robins, Zelda Rubinstein, Will Sampson, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen, Heather O’Rourke, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kip Wentz, Richard Fire


Poltergeist II: The Other Side read more

Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit #3 Preview

IDW Publishing has provided us a preview of the new Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit comic.

Animal cop Kaminski and his misfit crew expect to deal with Panda Dogs and Horned Mastiffs… but Cthulhu creatures were NOT in the job description! From rampaging griffins to insane death cults, it’s all been building to this final showdown! But don’t worry — Kaminski brought his catchpole and is ready to kick some monster ass…

32 pages
April 1

Written by Rob Anderson
Art by Fernando Melek read more

Millennium #3 Preview

IDW Publishing has provided us a preview of the new Millennium comic.

Fifteen years ago, the end of the world — the anticipated “Millennium Event” — was avoided thanks to the efforts of Frank Black and FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Or was it? Frank’s psychic gifts have been showing him that evil has continued to grow unabated in the world, and he’s trying his best to ignore it. But soon the resurgence of the Millennium Group and their quest to find Frank’s daughter Jordan will pull him into the fray once again whether he likes it or not! read more

The X-Files: Season 10 #22 Preview

IDW Publishing has provided us a preview of the new The X-Files: Season 10 comic.

“Elders,” Part 2 of 5.

The “Syndicate” that long bedeviled Agents Mulder and Scully has returned with old faces and a new leader. For what new secrets will they fight and kill? And what will become of the X-Files once those secrets are laid bare?

The end is here!

32 pages
April 1

Written by Joe Harris
Art by Matthew Dow Smith
Covers by Francesco Francavilla and Matthew Dow Smith








Bates Motel Season 3: Episode 4 “Unbreak-Able” Recap

Recap by: Lady Bastard

Synopsis: Norman challenges Norma’s betrayal; Caleb and Dylan tear down walls; Mystery surrounds the murdered ladies of White Pine Bay.

Summary with SPOILERS: Romero travels every avenue possible to learn more about the death of Annika Johnson. He discovers that the car she drove to the Bates Motel in her dying state was registered to Lindsey, the gal who turned up facedown in the marsh.  He also learns from one of their “peers” that Annika and Lindsey had a threesome with Arcanum Club president Bob Paris.  Romero once again visits Paris at the club and is once again shot down for snooping.  Paris incriminates himself by asking Romero if anything was found on Annika’s dead body, prompting Romero to search Room 4 of the Bates Motel.  Norma keeps word of the flash drive away from Romero but eventually tells Dylan when she is unable to crack the password code.  When Dylan confronts two well dressed, gun-wielding men searching the motel lobby for something that “belongs” to them, he insists to Norma that he hide the flash drive somewhere at his farm. read more