2014 Horror Comic Awards Are Here

by Rob Caprilozzi

The official and original Horror Comic Awards are back for 2014.  Our staff of horror comic experts selected their top picks of the year and now it’s time for YOU, the fans to vote for the best!

Voting is open from December 22, 2014 – December 31, 2014.

The categories and nominees for 2014 are:

Best Ongoing Series 2014
Afterlife with Archie
Rachel Rising
Abe Sapien
The Strain
The Walking Dead

Best Mini Series 2014
Westwood Witches
Deadword: Restoration
The Squidder
Kiss Me Satan
Monster & Madman
’68: Rule of War

Writer of the Year 2014
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa – Afterlife with Archie
Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead
Steve Niles – Monster and Madman
Terry Moore – Rachel Rising
Joshua Williamson – Nailbiter
Mike Mignola – BPRD, Abe Sapien
Joe Hill – Wraith
Nancy Collins – Vampirella

Artist of the Year 2014
Francesco Francavilla – Afterlife with Archie
Damien Worm – Monster & Madman
Mehdi Cheggour – Enormous
Juan Ferreyra – Prometheus, Kiss me Satan!, Colder
Toni Fejzula – Veil
Ben Templesmith – The Squidder
Max Fiumara – Abe Sapien
Jeff Zornow – ’68: Rule of War

Best One Shot 2014
The Darkness: Vicious Traditions
Zombie Fairy Tales: Deadlands
Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers
Nosferatu Wars
The Darkness: Close Your Eyes
Killogy: Halloween Special
Vampirella: Prelude to Shadows
Edgar Allen Poe – Premature Burial

Best Anthology 2014
In the Dark
Hellraiser: Bestiary
Grimm Tales of Terror
London Horror Comic
End Times

Cover of the Year 2014
The Strain #7
Monster & Madmen #1 – Awesome Con Variant
God is Dead #7 Carnage Cover
Spread #4
’68: Rule of War #1 Cover A
Nosferatu Wars #1
Creepy #16
Crossed Badlands #48 Torture Cover

Best Scene 2014
Abraham poisons Sardu. – The Strain The Fall #5
Cthulhu rises. – Afterlife with Archie #6
The Pope is possessed. – Roman Ritual #1
John Connor turned into a Terminator. – Terminator Salvation #11
Carroll is found alive. – Nailbiter #4
Morneau is fed to zombies. – 68 Rule of War #4
The Bride Awakens. – Monster and Madman #3
Vampires learn zombie skull dancing. – Extinction Parade: War #2

Best Cross Over 2014
The X-Files/Ghostbusters: Conspiracy
The X-Files/Crow: Conspiracy
Nancy in Hell: A Dragon in Hell
Fire and Stone: Alien/Predator/Prometheus
Grimm Fairy Tales vs. Wonderland

Best Kill 2014
Shower kill. – Auteur #2
Barnabus Black kills Malcolm. – Kiss Me Satan #5   
A pickaxe to zombies head. – 68 Rule of War #1         
Head chomp by Devil Doll. – Grindhouse Doors Open at Midnight #7
A stake through the mouth. – A Voice in the Dark #7
Pinhead at his best. – Hellraiser: Dark Watch #12
A xenomorph attacks. – Aliens: Fire and Stone #1
A monster explodes Russells head with a punch.  – Escape from Jesus Island #1

Best Colorist 2014
Dan Jackson – Ghost
Dave Stewart – Hellboy, Abe Sapien, BPRD, Witchfinder
FCO Plascencia – Spawn
Eva de la Cruz – Coffin Hill
Jay Fotos – Wraith, ’68
Jorge Sutil – Vampirella
Matt Hollingsworth – Empire of the Dead
Adam Guzowski – Nailbiter

Best Letterer 2014
Nate Piekos – Veil
Jack Morelli – Afterlife with Archie
Tom Orzechowski – Spawn
Travis Lanham – Coffin Hill
Taylor Esposito – Constantine
John J. Hill – Nailbiter
Neil Uyetake – Silent Hill: Downpour, Ghostbusters
Robbie Robbins – Wraith, V Wars

Best Web Comic 2014
Crossed: Wish You Were Here
Dead Meat
False Positive
Split Lip
The Zombie Hunters
Lovecraft is Missing
Elsie Hooper

Honorary Achievement
William Gaines

The 2014 Horror Comic Awards will be determined by fan voting via the following link:

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