2013 Horror Comic Award Winners Announced

Your word has been heard and voting for the 2013 Horror Comic Awards has officially ended. A big congratulations to all those nominated, you are all winners in our eyes. 


As creators of the official Horror Comic Award, our goal is to spread the awareness of horror comics. We hope that if you came here to vote for a comic or creator you are passionate about, you took a look at other titles or creators you haven’t heard of.


Below is a list of the 2013 Horror Comic Award Winners:



Best Ongoing Series

Rachel Rising



Best Mini Series 2013

Locke & Key: Omega



Writer of the Year 2013

Mark Kidwell (’68)



Artist of the Year 2013

Jeff Zornow (’68)



Best OGN 2013

Flesh and Blood Volume 3



Best One Shot 2013

’68 Hallowed Ground



Best Anthology 2013

End Times



Cover of the Year 2013

’68 Hallowed Ground



Best Scene 2013

An ocean of blood overtakes NYC. Alan Robert’s Killogy #4



Best Cross Over 2013

Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night



Best Kill 2013

Man dies due to blunt force trauma. Lot 13 #5



Best Colorist 2013

Jay Fotos



Best Letterer 2013

Jason Arthur



Best Web Comic 2013

Dead Meat



Honorary Achievement

Richard Corben


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