Dead Cert DVD and Blu-Ray release date

This fall get ready for a bloodthirsty mix of From Dusk Till Dawn and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels when Dead Cert debuts for the first time in the U.S and Canada on Blu-rayâ„¢ and DVD September 27, 2011, from Shout! Factory, in association with Black and Blue Films. Jam-packed with all the ingredients of both a vampire flick and a gangster film — creepy monsters, scantily-clad women, tough-talking wise guys, gratuitous bloodshed and a seemingly crazy vampire hunter — Dead Cert features a star-studded cast of familiar British acting talent including Craig Fairbrass (The Bank Job), Dexter Fletcher (Kick-Ass), Billy Murray (Rise of the Footsoldier), Lisa McAllister (Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes), Steven Berkoff (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Dave Legeno (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), Jason Flemying (X-Men: First Class) and Danny Dyer (Dead Man Running).

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Robert Kazinksy joins Pacific Rim

Variety reports that Rob Kazinsky has joined Guillermo del Toro’s alien-invasion epic “Pacific Rim,” and Willem Dafoe is in early talks for the Legendary Pictures project. Dafoe is being eyed as a rogue scientist with expertise on alien creatures, while Kazinsky would portray a member of the team trying to defeat the invaders. Charlie Hunnan, Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Max Martini are already cast. Production is expected to get under way this fall. Travis Beacham’s script is set in 2025, the 12th year of a war against alien creatures who reside in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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Phobos 1953 game

Phobos 1953 game

UIG Entertainment presents “Play Indie” the new product line for core gamer. UIG is well known for their successful business in the Simulator and Casual Games sector and will now start to publish and distribute titles for the core gamer segment.

One of these games is a horror game called Phobos 1953:

The Horror-Adventure is based on real projects conducted by the former KGB. They were trying to push the human endurance testing for the possibility of telepathy and researching the psychological impact of fear on human organism. Explore the atmosphere of isolation and suspense which brings you face to face with your own fear. Your exploration of this perfectly-preserved complex may uncover what these experiments unlocked deep within the human psyche – but will you survive these revelations intact?

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Eternal Descent Vol. 2 comic

The saga continues as a fallen Sirian is consigned to his fate and Lyra is consumed by her inner demons. Loki’s designs draw near their terrible conclusion, but Gus G returns to Eternal Descent , offering a glimmer of hope for our heroes. Can Gus and his unlikely guide rescue Sirian in time to halt the dire machinations of the Damned?! Featuring Gus G of Ozzy Osbourne & Firewind. Also featuring a brand-new ongoing back-up story by Llexi Leon and Justin Peniston and art by Dheeraj Verma.

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Humpty Dumpty OGN

Adapting the forthcoming feature film, two backwoods brothers ambush a landing party of extraterrestrial beings on their swampland, killing the males and taking the lone female captive. After months of torturous imprisonment and misconduct, she becomes impregnated by one of the sadistic brothers and dies giving birth to a monstrous, half-alien, half-human, egg-shaped creature with extraterrestrial powers, bent on bloody revenge — HUMPTY DUMPTY!

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H.P. Lovecraft: The Dunwich Horror comic

H.P. Lovecraft is known as one of the key founders of modern horror, cited as a major influence by many prominent authors, such as Stephen King. In collaboration with renowned Lovecraft historian and literary caretaker Robert Weinberg, IDW is bringing you the definitive Lovecraft comics updated for a 21st century audience. This unique series begins by adapting classic Lovecraft tale “The Dunwich Horror” by fright-master Joe R. Lansdale (30 Days of Night: Night, Again) and Peter Bergting (D&D: Dark Sun). The second story brings “The Hound” to life by Weinberg and menton3.

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Helldorado comic

Gunfights! Kung fu! Monsters! If Hammer Films had hired a band of Hong Kong filmmakers to create a Spaghetti Western, they’d have created Helldorado! An unspeakable act of violence has altered reality itself, and a supernatural evil looms over the town of El Dorado. The most horrific myths of the Far East threaten to engulf the American West in darkness, and the only thing standing between a vengeful Chinese vampire, its army of undead minions, and the end of humankind is an unlikely band of erstwhile heroes: an heiress, a gambler, an aging sheriff, his deputy, and a warrior-priest!

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Dark Axis: Rise of the Overmen comic

Written by Chris Wheeler, Greg Mclean, and Jason M. Burns Art by Xavier Irvine and Luis Guerrer Alternate World War II history as you’ve never seen it before! A battle-hardened veteran, Sgt. Bryce, is given a cushy mission to scout a mountain valley. Only problem is, he’s given a squad of useless recruits for the job. After finding a treasure map on a dead SS deserter, Bryce leads his squad to a hidden German facility, full of incredible machines and advanced technology. It appears completely deserted, but when one of his squad vanishes, ripped apart by “something” lurking in the shadows, Bryce realizes too late — they’re not alone!

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Caspers Scare School comic

Written by Paul Morrissey and Landry Walker Art by various Casper The Friendly Ghost makes his return to comics at last, and he’s bringing his Scare School with him! It’s Halloween in Deedstown, and Casper and the Gang make plans to go trick-or-treating — after all, it’s the one day of the year that they can get together in public without raising much suspicion! But when Wolfie goes candy-crazy, can Casper calm him down before the “fleshies” take notice?

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X-Factor #223 preview – Werewolves

About to give birth and on the run from mutants, demons and gods alike, Wolfsbane turns to the only ones she feels she can trust: her own kind. But even with the help of The Pack, will Wolfsbane and her baby survive the ordeal? And considering some believe the baby to be the harbinger of the end of the world, do we even want them to?

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