Horror comic awards

2010 Horror Comic Awards are here!

Voting has just begun for the ComicMonsters.com 2010 Horror Comic Awards. Now in its second year, this is the awards event that is determined by the most devout horror comic fans and the true connoisseurs of all things horror, YOU! Last year, we saw big wins from well-known, widely distributed favorites like “The Walking Dead”, as well as smaller titles, such as the critically acclaimed “Bane of the Werewolf”. Who will be chosen as the best of the best this year? That is up to you, dear readers. How it Works Nominations have been taking place all year long. Readers have been posting nominations on the website and submitting nominees to the staff for their favorites in various categories including Best Ongoing Series, Best Scene, and Writer of the Year. Submissions have been accepted and the nominees are posted online for voting. Voting will continue until December 31. The winners will be posted soon after. Think this is easy? Wait until you see some of the choices. Expect to see several of your favorites competing for the top spot in a single category, but only one vote per category is accepted! Your Vote Counts! All ComicMonsters.com members are eligible to vote and the winners will be chosen by majority. This is an event to honor the creators that bring us the comics that we love, and give you, the fans, a chance tell determine which horror comics are top dog, or maybe top werewolf, this year. Follow the link to place your vote!

Vote in the 2010 Horror Comic Awards are here!.

Horror Comic Awards
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