13th Sign Trailer

by Rob Caprilozzi

Starring Waylon Reavis and Jeff Hatrix of Mushroomhead, and directed by Stan Fritzmeier and Michael Bryant, "13th Sign" puts a gory spin on the reality show.

Synopsis: “Twelve individuals who think they are competing for a million dollars on a New Reality TV Show are drugged, beaten, trapped and chained in a chamber room far below the earth buried under the ashes of a slaughterhouse that burned to the ground in the 1930′s. When the chamber doors open, the twelve contestants are soon faced with their worst fears when they realize that they have not just been kidnapped but that they are being used in the Devils Ritual held by his Fallen Angels, the Guardians Waylon Reavis and Jeff Hatrix who brutally torture and dismember their victims one by one, using their bodies to create an Alter for the Devil to open the gates and unleash hell on earth by the date 12-21-2012.”

Check out the 13th Sign Trailer.

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