Zombie Driver PC launch trailer

EXOR Studios, an independent game development company is proud to announce that Zombie Driver HD is now available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and Steam for 800MSP/$9.99. A new launch trailer showing huge mutated bosses, hundreds of annihilated zombies and non-stop action has just been released. Zombie Driver was first released on the PC platform in December 2009. Zombie Driver HD is a hugely expanded and improved new release and includes more than three times the content of the original. All those who already own the original Zombie Driver will be able to purchase it on Steam at a 50% discount. The release of the Android version for Nvidia Tegra powered devices on Google Play has been moved towards the next week. The PlayStation®3 version of the game is currently in the final stage of development and it's release date will be announced soon. EXOR Studios received a lot of questions about the differences between the old PC version and the new HD version. Here is a short description of the things that were improved in the past 2 years: The original game had 17 missions – the HD version has 31 missions with much more gameplay variety. In the HD version, there are multiple different objectives like defending against waves of zombies, epic boss fights, spraying anti zombie repellent, driving special vehicles like the military truck, the tank or the bulldozer as well as bombing missions. The city is a lot more alive in this version because there are moving military vehicles, soldiers fighting with zombies or birds feeding on corpses. 

Read more and check out the Zombie Driver PC launch trailer.

Zombie Driver horror game
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