Why We Love…The Howling!

by: Rob Caprilozzi


The Howling was released upon unsuspecting audiences on April 10th, 1981. Director Joe Dante had help from special effects/make-up artist, Rob Bottin in creating this werewolf classic.

The Werewolves…

Let me preface this by saying: I am a HUGE werewolf fan. I don’t want to see a dogs face on a man’s body. I don’t want to see a man turn into a regular wolf. I want to see a werewolf just like The Howling delivered! To this day, The Howling still ranks as the BEST werewolves to ever appear on screen.


Eddie freakin’ Quist…

Eddie is the creepiest, scariest werewolf to EVER appear on screen. The character may even be scarier when he is NOT in his werewolf form.


Dee Wallace…

When it comes to horror is there any woman more iconic than Dee Wallace? Think about this for a moment, she was in The Stepford Wives, The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo, Critters, and all that was before 1987! Later in her career, she went on to land roles in Rob Zombie’s Halloween, The Lords of Salem, and many more genre films.

Dee took the lead role in The Howling and ran away with it. She made you feel for what her character, Karen White, was going through.  In my opinion, The Howling was Dee’s finest acting work ever.


The Colony…

What’s creepier than a werewolf? How about being surrounded by a dozen! Something seemed a bit..off about the members of the colony and we eventually found out what it was.


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…

Playing opposite of Dee Wallace was Elisabeth Brooks. Karen White (Wallace’s character) was  very conservative, but Marsha (Brook’s character) on the other hand was a sex-crazed, man-eating werewolf queen!


Shocking TV…

Some of the things we see on TV today are absolutely horrifying. Imagine being a kid and watching TV and the on-air anchor turns into a she-wolf. That is something that you would never forget.


Final Thoughts…

Depending on the day you ask, The Howling is in my top three favorite horror movies of all time.  Thirty-five years later there has still never been a werewolf that looked that has delivered the acting, pot, direction and all out solid piece if filmmaking.






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