The Walking Dead is Suffering the Steepest Ratings Fall Ever

by John Evans

Entertainment Weekly reports that AMC’s The Walking Dead is suffering from some ratings problems. They write:

“AMC’s mega-hit fell sharply after its seventh season premiere last month, and has declined steadily each week since to mark the steepest ratings fall in the show’s history. In fact, Sunday’s fifth episode of the season delivered the show’s lowest viewership since season 3.”

It should be noted that “the higher you rise, the farther you fall.” While fans have been gobbling up anything related to the franchise over the past few years, recent episodes have aired content that has divided the fan community. Season 7’s controversial premiere had the second highest number of viewers per episode in the show’s history; so a fall towards more typical numbers would naturally look more significant. Also, some viewers were bound to stop tuning in after its season finale cliffhanger gimmick had been resolved.

In addition to the drop in ratings from the premiere to Sunday’s episode, viewership of recent episodes has dropped lower than it has been in the past three years. Wikipedia has published a helpful chart which displays The Walking Dead‘s ratings per episode:


While these numbers could be a warning sign for the future performance of the show, Entertainment Weekly ends their article by reminding us that The Walking Dead‘s ratings are still better than any other show on television, so we can expect more greasy cool cats and rugged loners with antiquated names for the foreseeable future.

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