‘Vamprechaun’ Indiegogo Campaign Launched

A special St. Patricks day treat from LEPRECHAUN creator Mark jones. The team behind the new Vamprechaun film is launching a campaign to give fans the chance to be part of the legend. Perks include Exclusive set tours, preorders of the film and passes to a special Screening in Los Angeles California. The team is currently in talks with Warwick Davis to play the lead role of Vamprechaun.

The movie is described as:
What happens when an evil, greedy, wicked little leprechaun is bitten by a blood-thirsty Vampire? A bizarre twist on two classic horror monster legends results in a new and original horror creature that represents the worst in both monster breeds. A horrific, malevolent blood-sucker that will thrill contemporary audiences worldwide, while scaring them out of their seats.. Vamprechaun!

A little, evil leprechaun searches for the most precious mineral on earth, more valuable than platinum or gold. A rare substance called… Red-Gold! This precious mineral is known only to exists in the deep, dark, hidden caverns in Ireland and guarded by magical Red Vampire Bats…

…our leprechaun, in his quest to acquire this Red-Gold discovers its hidden location… only to be bitten by one of the Red Vampire Bats that transforms him into a…


…when “Natural Selection” goes horribly wrong, a new blockbuster Comedy Horror Franchise is born…

Vamprechaun! -“Short in Stature, Long in Fang”

For more information check out the Vamprechaun Indiegogo campaign at:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vamprechaun

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