‘Vampire Tribunals’ Launched – Trailer Inside

Clazz Games, a mobile video game publisher, and developer Raincrow Studios announced today the launch of Vampire Tribunals. Featuring mobile multi-player combat, Vampire Tribunals is a supernatural experience where vampire fantasies are no longer dreams, they are real.

Like “Google’s” popular “Ingress”, Vampire Tribunals is tailored to take advantage of the geo-location features of smart phones. But instead of monuments and portals, Vampire Tribunals reveals the real world to be filled with vampires and demons living among us. Stay in your neighborhood, zoom out to see the playing field or transport your vampire through the in-game Janus Mirror to attack enemy players all over the world. Players will bite their way through thousands of victims on their iPhone using in-phone navigation as they locate their next prey, with the goal of becoming the world’s most dominant blood-sucking vampire.

In Vampire Tribunals you take the role of an awakened half human, half vampire species knows as damphyr, with the ability to sense demonic vampires that traffic among mankind. Use strategy and stealth to gain power by attacking demons around you or enter the mystical in-game portal known as the Janus Mirror to transport anywhere on the globe to challenge other real world iOS players while seeking out rewards and building your domain.

Players can quickly build a dark union of damphyr allies, establishing a powerful “House” that combines their collective powers to combat oncoming attacks. Use the Deck of Days to overcome your enemies by casting a variety of spells that can cloak you for stealth attacks, rebuff oncoming assailants, and summon protective demons.

Dynamic Quests and World Events have players exploring beyond their local regions into the deep history of the world’s labyrinthine vampire cultures. Travel around the world through the Janus Mirror to complete Quests, from Istanbul to the coasts of California to old Appalachia, meeting mythic creatures like Creatrix, a vampire with the power to awaken thousands of damphyr and shift the balance of power among all vampire-kind. Another Quest sends players to the enticing, blue-green waters of Santorini, a Greek island notoriously overrun by ghoulish undead creatures named “Lakas”. Crush three of these insidious demonic creatures to lift an ancient curse and be rewarded handsomely with in-game currency.

Vampire Tribunals is structured in a series of seasonal tournaments – Tribunals – with separate scoreboards for local and worldwide players. Each Tribunal will conclude with special World Events for players to accelerate their dominance level, including Sleepers of the Mound, where bold damphyr search Scandinavia for the green witch lights that mark where the Draugur rest and the Blood of Caligula,where damphyr converge on the Seven Hills of Rome to attempt raising the vengeful spirit of Julia Drusilla, the murdered daughter of Caligula. Successfully complete these World Events to boost your level through receiving experience points and powerful items, all in preparation for the Tribunal’s final event known as The Reaping. Taking place during the last two weeks of a Tribunal, The Reaping is a time for players to battle for supremacy and receive their final Tribunal ranking.


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