The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap up- “Alone”

By Christine Caprilozzi


The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap up- “Alone”


Synopsis: One group finds what may be an ideal shelter, while others realize protection is all around them.

Thoughts: **SPOILERS** Okay, first let me highlight some of my personal favorite moments. Maggie, Sasha and Bob in the fog trying to kill walkers they can’t see is such great set up for a crazy scene. Showing some more girl power, Maggie and Sasha tear up a herd of walkers by the ice cream truck, which was spectacular.  Of course, we also see Daryl take down what seems to be an entire army of zombies that invade the house where he and Beth had found refuge.

Daryl had few moments of peace until the herd took over the house.  Now after becoming a kinder gentler Daryl, will he take up with this new crew, who appear to be more than a bit shady?  Will he regress back to super macho, redneck Daryl?  Also, will we ever see Beth Greene again?

With only 3 episodes left in the season (yes, you read that right), what is next for the group as a whole? Besides ending with Glenn heading towards the same place as Maggie, “Terminus,” this episode opens up more questions than answers. I’m wondering, however, if the storyline will be able match up with the zombie kills and the action scenes to keep fans engaged?

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