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Where to begin with “The Terror Experiment”? I guess the beginning is as good a place as any. The movie starts with a handful of very frightened-looking people being chased down a stairwell by a bunch of zombie-types with weapons. Some stabbing and biting ensues and we’re all of a sudden whisked away to the bedroom of our hero played by Jason London (of “Dazed and Confused” fame) and we’re told that the bedroom scene is “four hours before” what we’ve  just witnessed in the stairwell. What’s majorly kooky is that we’re already back to the stairwell scene about five minutes later into the movie which led me to ask, “why the hell would you bother giving me a glimpse of something that I’m going to see in five minutes”?

   This film is rife with “why the hell?” moments. Like why the hell are they throwing around every zombie/outbreak movie cliché ever? And why the hell do you assemble a cast with C. Thomas Howell, the almighty Judd Nelson and Lochlyn Munro and have them sit outside of the building, and the action, for the entire movie?

   I’m not going to go too crazy explaining the plot of this movie because you’ve seen it before. All you need to know is that some whacko terrorist unleashes a chemical into a government building that causes everyone who breathes it to turn into a zombie-ish character. Cale (Jason London) is the mild-mannered IT guy who gets to be the hero and lead the cast of usual suspects past the infected to the freedom of the outside world; but not before rescuing his daughter who is trapped somewhere in the building.

   The first thing I thought while watching “The Terror Experiment” was, my, how very “28 Days Later” of them. The “infected” in this flick are “Rage”-inspired types with undertones of “The Crazies” (due to their use of random weapons). Then I realized that this was all taking place on Christmas Eve and that the survivors  were trapped in a huge skyscraper surrounded by police and FBI and I thought, my, how very “Die Hard” of them. Sadly, the one thing I didn’t think while subjecting my poor wife to this movie was, my, how original of them.

   Some final thoughts on “The Terror Experiment”: the effects were very, very good, Judd Nelson hasn’t acted well in a movie since “The Breakfast Club”, Lochlyn Munro played Cliff in “Dead Man on Campus” (one of my favorite characters of all time) and C. Thomas Howell is still aging poorly.

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