The Memory Collectors Issue #3 Review

By Christine Caprilozzi


The Memory Collectors Issue #3 Review 


Writer: Menton3

Artist: Menton3 

Publisher: IDW

Release Date: February 12, 2014

Rating: 9 out of 10


Synopsis: Series finale! Despite a tragic loss, the girls hone in on the source of their ills and make their final, fateful decision.


Our Thoughts: The storytelling in The Memory Collectors #3 continues on its own path combining the dark and wicked with the philosophical.  This issue sees the further tearing apart of the sisterhood and a transformation that gives fans of the series hope for a continuation.  Menton’s outside of the box approach is different and refreshing for comic fans. He boldly tears down the confines of the common comic structure. Everything from plotlines, artwork, and even layout is unique and breathes new life into the genre.

In terms of artwork, Menton’s distinct style shines.  Gloomy, stunning and grotesque, he has no issues conveying the mood through disturbing images and sweeping tones. The finale of Menton’s The Memory Collectors delivers on the promise made way back in issue #1 of an extraordinary and challenging piece of comic artistry. If you’re read the first two issues, this is a no brainer.  If not, be sure to check this series out.  The Memory Collectors #3 hits your local comic store on February 12th.

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