The Horror Show Review

Review by: Mike Peluso

Writer: James Maddox
Artist:  Todd Beistel
Publisher: Broken Icon Comics
Release Date: September 2013
Rating: 8 out of 10

Synopsis: Two friends take a weekend at an old cabin, hoping for relaxation and catching up over beers. But their reunion is cut short by an onslaught of horror. What happens next is a surprise to everyone involved.

Our Thoughts: It doesn’t take a long, drawn out story, whether it is in print or film to tell a respectable terror tale.  If it’s a half hour episode of The Twilight Zone or even a five minute entry to a horror short film contest, a good idea backed by better writing doesn’t need much time to leave an impression.  Broken Icon’s “The Horror Show” is a excellent example of quality over quantity.  James Maddox’s writing throws us right in the middle of this “MTV’s Punk’d” style show gone gruesome and leaves us wanting little else (besides maybe a mutilated Ashton Kutcher).

The artwork by Todd Beistel in this spooky short is excellent.  From the character expressions to the gut wrenching gore, Beistel’s style does a great job complementing Maddox’s bleak story.

 Straight out of the vein of “Tales from the Darkside” come’s Broken Icon’s “The Horror Show”. Devilishly direct and right to the bloody point, “The Horror Show” is an excellent short comic that must be appreciated.  Go see for yourself, it’s out NOW!

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