‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Lucifer’ Television Series Canceled by Fox

Today is a dark day for fans of Fox’s supernatural television offerings. The network just announced that The Exorcist has been cancelled after two seasons, and Lucifer has been cancelled after three seasons.

The first season of Jeremy Slater’s The Exorcist was praised heavily by critics and its small-but-active fan base, which led to a Season Two renewal. The second season changed settings and scenarios but maintained the character-driven formula that attracted fans to it in the first place. Unfortunately, the changes weren’t enough to improve viewership. According to Variety, the series “was Fox’s lowest-rated program this year, averaging 1.32 million total viewers and a 0.41 rating in the 18-49 demo.”

Slater took to Twitter to connect with fans of the series over the unfortunate news, and to put the cancellation into perspective:

Lucifer, another supernatural program with a strong following of devoted fans, will finish its run at Fox with a cliffhanger ending to Season Three which will never be concluded at the network. Like Slater, showrunner Joe Henderson reached out to fans of the series on Twitter to share his thoughts on the news and encourage fans to hold out hope that the series may someday be properly concluded:

It’s never fun to see a favorite show taken off the air too early, and today’s announcements will surely upset horror fans across the globe. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for further coverage of these two series should either may a surprise return to the spotlight, and breaking news on upcoming horror productions at Fox as they break!




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