Ten Things You Might Not Know About… The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Ten Things You Might Not Know About… The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

1.  Working titles for the film included “Headcheese”, “Leatherface” and “Stalking Leatherface.”

2.  The infamous chainsaw was a Poulan 245A, with a piece of black tape covering the logo.

3.  The film was shot in loose chronological order.

4.  Gunnar Hansen wore three-inch heels so that he was taller than the rest of the cast, but he kept hitting his head on the doorways in the house.

5.  Marilyn Burns’ clothing was so drenched in fake blood that they were stiff by the last day of shooting.

6.  John Larroquette’s payment for doing the opening narration was a marijuana joint.

7.  A family was actually living in the house that served as the Sawyer family house. They rented out their house to the film crew and continued to stay there             during the entire shoot.

8.  Edwin Neal (the Hitchhiker) said that making the film was more miserable than his tour of duty in Vietnam and said that he might kill Tobe Hooper if he ever saw      him again.

9.  During the dinner scene when Leatherface cuts Sally’s finger, Hansen actually does slice her finger because the crew couldn’t get the fake blood to come out of      the tube behind the blade.

10. Marilyn Burns, whose character is pursued by Leatherface through thick brambles, actually cut herself on the branches so badly that the blood on her body and        clothes is real.


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