‘You Are Not Alone’ – Review

‘You Are Not Alone’ – Review

By Lynn Sorel

Rating: 7 out of 10


Synopsis: Natalie is a college graduate visiting her hometown over the 4th of July. The night she arrives, she is stalked by a sociopathic killer. 


Our Thoughts: ‘You Are Not Alone’ is a truly unique horror film. Using first person POV to tell the story, you are seeing the story from the point of view of the final girl for the first time in horror.  


Natalie comes home for the 4th of July weekend and is having fun with her friends. Meanwhile, the story of a killer on the loose is all over the news. The first half is a bit of a slow burn, but enjoyable none-the-less, as thee characters are developed. read more

Trailer for First-Person POV Horror YOU ARE NOT ALONE on DVD 2/22

A terrifying Fourth of July slasher movie in   nerve-shredding ‘first-person perspective’ …




“…effective and downright scary…” Ain’t It Cool News



… the most lifelike and terrifying slasher in years … the first-person film style has been done in the past, but never like this.”   Modern Horrors


… one of the scariest serial killer slashers I have ever seen.”   LA Horror read more