Horror Hunting! Edition S2E3

Welcome to a brand new installment of Horror Hunting!  In this edition, I’ll play the role of travel agent and let you know about a really cool toy museum which horror fans will find fascinating.  And as usual, I will be showcasing an awesome piece of horror toy nostalgia for the hardcore collectors too.  It’ll be a fun ride…..tooty F’N fruity!

“We have such sights to show you.” – Pinhead

1986 Pressman “Doorways To Horror” VCR Game (EBay)

Growing up in the ’80s, I was front-and-center for the video cassette evolution…from Beta Max to VHS (and eventually, to laser disc and DVD).  Undoubtedly the golden age of at-home movie watching, the VCR opened up limitless possibilities for Americans just starving for an interactive theater experience in the comfort of their own living room.  This was before most people had 80″ HDTV’s and ridiculous surround-sound systems at their disposal without leaving their own four walls, so excitement like this was at a premium.  I can remember my parents bringing home the VCR game version of Clue in 1985….and being completely freaked out.  I can only wonder what my reaction would’ve been had Dracula, Wolfman or any other veteran ghoulie come through my door in VCR form, ready to haunt my interactive game time.  As a horror fan, it would’ve ruled.  Now’s your chance to re-live a little slice of this ’80s horror nostalgia with the “Doorways to Horror” VCR game from Pressman.  Plus, it comes with COLORSCAN!!!  Whatever the hell that is….. read more