‘Escape Room’ Continues to Impress at Weekend Box Office

Adam Robitel’s Escape Room continued to defy expectations, finishing fifth at the weekend box office with an additional $8.9 million for a total of $32.5 million so far.

The film picked up where it left off last week, maintaining its theater count in spite of two new wide releases (The Upside and A Dog’s Way Home) and continued competition from Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse, and Mary Poppins Returns.  Escape Room’s box office only declined 51% this week, which is a better than normal drop for most films. When compared to recent entries from the horror genre such as the Nazi zombie splatfest Overlord (which dropped 63% in its second weekend and finished with only a $41 million gross world-wide) and The Possession of Hannah Grace (with a similar decline, but much less in revenue, ending with only $35 million world-wide), Escape Room seems to be bucking typical trends and surviving in a crowded marketplace. read more

Kirby Johnson Talks ‘The Possession of Hannah Grace’

As you can probably hear from the screams coming from the movie theater,  The Possession of Hannah Grace is currently playing. The movie tells the tale of an exorcism gone bad leading to a loss of a young woman’s life. As the body is transported to the morgue the attendant soon learns that evil has visited the mortuary.

We caught up with Hannah Grace herself, Kirby Johnson, to talk about her role in the film.

Did you do any special research for your role as Hannah in The Possession of Hannah Grace? read more