‘The Hole in the Ground’: The Horror News Network Review

Last year, I remember seeing an Irish short film titled Ghost Train (available on YouTube) and being very impressed with the atmosphere created by the director, Lee Cronin. I’m no film maker but I have to believe that it’s not easy to create not only that kind of atmosphere, but also character depth, in a fifteen minute film. Cronin’s 2019 full-length directorial debut The Hole in the Ground is no different in that it is a celebration of dark atmosphere and brilliant performance.

Beginning with some clever foreshadowing, we see a young boy and his mom in a carnival funhouse. The boy is playing with the mirrors that make your appearance change while his mom looks on rather uneasily. We’re then shown a very Shining-esque scene; an overhead shot of a car making its way through empty forest roads. The mom, Sarah, and her child Chris are driving to their new home when they nearly hit a woman who is creepily just standing in the middle of the road. read more

Irish Horror Thriller ‘The Hole in the Ground’ Releases Official Trailer

Direct from its Sundance Festival world premiere, Irish horror thriller The Hole in the Ground now has an official trailer.  View the creepy video below.

The Hole in the Ground portrays a young mother facing an unknown future as she attempts to escape her past.  Along with her son, they move to a rural town that hides a dark secret in the woods.  After the boy returns from an encounter with a large hole, the mother begins suspecting that her son is not the same child that went into the ground and must endure countless perils in a struggle to obtain the truth.  It stars Simone Kirby (Peaky Blinders), Seána Kerslake and James Quinn Markey, with Lee Cronin (short Ghost Train) directing. read more