Fox Unleashes Holy Hell with The Exorcist TV Series

Following in the footsteps of A&E’s Damien and Bates Motel, Fox will unleash holy Hell with The Exorcist TV series this fall.  Based on William Peter Blatty’s 1971 novel and the 1973 film adaptation, the series focuses on two priests, Fr. Thomas (Alfonso Herrera) and Fr. Marcus (Ben Daniels), who want to take very different approaches to ridding a family of a demon that possesess their young daughter.

Academy Award winning actress Geena Davis stars in a small screen version of the story, which promises to place a greater emphasis on the toll the possession takes on the family.  The pilot was penned by Jeremy Slater ( The Lazarus Effect) and will premiere on Fox on Friday, September 23rd. read more

SDCC Pilot Screening – The Exorcist

I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to see the full-length pilot for the upcoming FOX show “The Exorcist.” Star Geena Davis remarked at the SDCC panel where it was shown that she was scarred by her first viewing of the movie and that very appropriately sums up most of our first experiences with that amazing film. So how does this TV show pilot stack up to the movie? For starters, it is not nearly as frightening as the film. With that said, there are several genuinely frightening moments in the pilot which is rare for a TV show. The other obvious difference is that to sustain the series, this is set up with much more drama to give the characters a chance to grow and develop and allow the plot to unfold. read more

Alfonso Herrera & Ben Daniels Cast in Fox’s EXORCIST Pilot

Alfonso Herrera (Sense8, The Chosen) and Ben Daniels (House of Cards) has been cast in the upcoming Fox Pilot based on  William Blatty’s “Exorcist.”    Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four) has written the screenplay, which is said to be a modern reinvention of the book.    William Friedkin’s classic horror film was was most famous adaptation of the book to date.   

The story will follows  Father Tomas Ortega (Herrera) and Father Marcus Lang (Daniels) as they take on the case of a family suffering from demonic possession.   Father Thomas is a warm, compassionate and selfless leader of a tiny church, while Father Marcus is a holy warrior, fighting evil in a capacity that the church no longer recognizes.    read more

Horror Hunting! Edition #10

    Welcome to a special edition of Horror Hunting!, as we count down the days until the greatest horror convention on the east coast, CT Horrorfest!  In case you haven’t heard (or live under a moon rock) CT Horrorfest will be taking over the Courtyard Marriott in Waterbury, CT on Saturday, August 23rd, bringing with it the coolest vendors and most awesome special guests that even the most hardcore horror fanatic could wish for.  In this edition of HH!, we’ll be bringing to you a few special items from the 1973 horror genre-defining classic The Exorcist, which features CT Horrorfest’s own Linda Blair.  No matter how old you are or where you’re from, EVERYBODY knows about this killer film and the massive pop culture influence it has had and continues to have in the 41 years since its theatrical release.  Miss Blair is as much a horror and film icon for her head-turning role (pun intended) as Regan MacNeil as the movie itself, and has had her likeness reproduced countless times on posters, t-shirts and action figures ever since.  For those who plan on attending, see you there!  Perhaps you’d like to grab one of these items to get signed? read more