‘Sharknado: The 4th Awakens’ Video Announcement from Syfy + Cameo List

Syfy has released a video announcement regarding the fate of April and the outcome of the twitter campaign for the upcoming Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. A complete cameo list has also been released. Sharknado 4 picks up five years after the last film, and will star the returning cast that includes Ian Ziering, David Hasselhoff and Ryan Newman. New cast members include Gary Busey, Tommy Davidson, Imani Hakim, Cody Linley, Masiela Lusha and Cheryl Tiegs. Anthony C. Ferrante returns as director, along with writer Thunder Levin, for the Asylum production.  You can view the video and cameo list below. Sharknado: The 4th Awakens premieres July 31st. read more

‘Sharknado 4’ Title Announced


The title for the next installment in the ‘Sharknado’ series has been announced by Syfy.   It will be called ‘Sharknado: The 4th Awakenss!’ and will premiere Sunday, July 31 at 8 PM.   This one is set five years after the third film, and the world and Fin (Ian Ziering), along with his family, have been skarnado-free for the past few years.   However, sharknados have been poppiing up in unexpected places and unexpected ways.

Tara Reid is returning, as previously reported, to reveal the outcome of the April Lives/April Dies social media campaign.  David Hasselhoff and Ryan Newman are playing Gil Shepard and Claudia Shepard.   The film is being produced The Asylum again. Director Anthony C. Ferrante and writer Thunder Levin are returning as well. read more

Details on ‘Sharknado 4’ Released

Syfy revealed details about ‘Sharknado 4’ today. Tara Reid will be back to reveal the outcome of the social campaign, which asked fans to decide if she lives or dies.  Ian Ziering is reprising his role as Fin, along with David Hasselhoff as Gil Shepard and Ryan Newman as Claudia Shepard.   The fourth film will be five years later from where the last ended, where Fin and the country has been sharknado-free.

The cast of S4 will include Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon, Celebrity Apprentice) as April’s father and scientist Wilford Wexler, Tommy Davidson (Black Dynamite, In Living Color), as billionaire CEO of Astro-X Aston Reynolds, Cody Linley (Hannah Montana, Melissa & Joey), as Fin and April’s eldest son Matt, Imani Hakim (Everybody Hates Chris), as Matt’s best friend and fellow soldier Gabrielle, Masiela Lusha (George Lopez), as Fin’s cousin Gemini, and Cheryl Tiegs (The Apprentice), as Fin’s mother and Col. Gil Shepard’s ex-wife Raye.  read more